A Shaken House

Unshakeable:  Not capable of being toppled or swayed, not given to trembling or falling down, not fit for wavering.  Every day I see more and more evidence around me that while this life can shake us up, we can rest unshaken in the arms of Jesus.

One of the women in the Bible that I have studied the least is Rahab, but the more I study her, the more I see a woman just like me, just like us.  I guess I would prefer to be Esther, a princess, or maybe Ruth, a kindhearted woman who gives it all up to help another grieving woman and spends her time gleaning in the fields to meet her kinsman redeemer.  Those stories, even with their hard times, sound like the woman I want to be or become.   Their stories, though tough are ‘prettier’.

But Rahab…we all know her occupation, her past, her story.  Pretty sure I have never said I want to see myself in Rahab, but I was wrong.   Her past may not have been pretty, but her faith in a very shaken place stood strong.

We all know the story.  God was bringing His people into their promise.  He had brought them to the Jordan River directly across from the city of Jericho.  Those who lived in Jericho knew that God had done miracles for His people in the past, He was the God Who had parted the Red Sea, and now this miracle working God was coming their way.  It shook them so deep, the Word says their hearts were melting with fear.  Jericho was…shaken.

Rahab lived in Jericho and she heard the same report.  She also heard that this miracle working God had parted the sea for His people before.  She also knew that God was going to give His people the Promised Land, but when she heard the report, she did not let it shake her up.  God’s faithfulness to His people moved her to action.  Rahab welcomed the spies in her house, her one act of unshakeable faith, and made an agreement with them.

We find out in Joshua 2:15 that Rahab’s house was actually part of the wall that surrounded Jericho.  Rahab’s house was in the wall.  Before the spies left Rahab’s house to go back to the camp, they promised her that if she were to hang a scarlet cord out of the window of her house in the wall, it would be a marker to where the woman of faith stood and she and all who were in her house would be saved.  Rahab’s whole family came into her house in the wall, knowing that the spies would keep their word and upon seeing the scarlet cord, a picture of the blood of Christ, they would be saved.

In Joshua 6 we see the shaking begin.  God’s people start marching around Jericho.  I am sure six days of an army marching around their walls left Jericho very shaken.  They had no idea how God was going to move here, how He had planned to take their city.  On the seventh day, God steps into the impossible for His people and shakes the walls of the city in a way they were not expecting.  The walls of Jericho fell to the ground allowing His people to take the first city in the land of their promise.

Joshua instructs the spies to go get the prostitute and her family out of her house like they promised.

Joshua said to the two men who had spied out the land, “Go into the prostitute’s house and bring her out and all who belong to her, in accordance with your oath to her.”’ Joshua 6:22

But remember Rahab’s house was in the wall.   Rahab’s house was part of the wall.  The wall had already fallen down.  You cannot go into a house that has fallen.   That means that in the shaking, Rahab’s house did not fall.

Rahab’s house had been shaken but Rahab’s house stood.  The place where she lived was experiencing a shaking she had not experienced before.  It could have left her shaken, it could have made her open the door and run out of the shaking house, away from the shaking, but the scarlet cord marked where she was to stand.  She was to stand in the shaking, even when it was all crumbling around her.

At the right time the door was opened and Rahab and her family, those nearest and dearest to her, walked out of the shaking to be welcomed into the people of God.  We know that generations later, Rahab would be found in the lineage of Christ Himself.  She was a woman who had gone through a shaking, but stood unshaken trusting in her unshakeable God.

We all have times when our house is shaken, when it feels like the walls are falling down around us, when we find ourselves in a place we have never been before that threatens to take us down.  We find ourselves in situations that require us to remember the faithfulness of the One Who has called us, the only One Who can part waters and keep shaken walls standing.  The One Who parted the Red Sea has a plan to part the Jordan.   The One Who is unshakeable can bring the shaking to its knees, tear down walls and bring us through.

God kept a woman of unshakeable faith standing in the greatest shaking of her life.

That is who I want to be.  I want to be the woman that when everything around me is crumbling, I will stand unshaken, trusting in the blood of Jesus to see me through…and not just me, but me and my whole household.  And I know you do, too.

We want to be that woman, and we can be that woman when our eyes are on our Unshakeable God.

Funny thing, in times of shaking, I guess I want to be more like Rahab after all.

Psalm 16:8  I keep my eyes always on the Lord.  With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.



Kick it Up, Princess!

Psalm 62:6  He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.

Back in the spring, Dan and I joined a gym and we love it!  We are empty nesters now so the gym has been our connect, the place we go together in the afternoon.

While I have worked out for many years now, I have never taken strength training very seriously.  I enjoy cardio but have always stayed away from the weight section of the gym.  Weight are scary for me.  They are just too heavy! But this year, in this new place, I have taken on the weights and I love it!  I wake up in the mornings with good pain in muscles I didn’t know I had in my arms, quads and abs.

The other day we were doing bicep curls at the gym and I was feeling pretty good.  I had been using the same size weights for a while now and I was smiling because, wow, I felt like I was pretty strong!  What used to feel really heavy to me Continue reading “Kick it Up, Princess!”

One More Thing


One of the first gifts my husband gave me was a suitcase.  I remember unwrapping it, not knowing what it would be, even though the shape and size should have given it away.  He is a pilot, so I suppose a new suitcase is a gift that a pilot’s-wife-to-be should have expected!

While it really was a nice suitcase, I immediately thought it must be my ‘carry-on bag’.  It must be what I will put a few extra things in while the majority of my luggage is packed in a larger bag, checked to its final destination and traveling in the cargo compartment of the plane.

This bag was nice, brand new shiny wheels, a cool pull up handle…but it was just so small.  The few times I had traveled prior to this, I had always used a bigger suitcase, one that was able to hold whatever I might need.  Continue reading “One More Thing”


500x319xlunarrainbow-2-jpg-pagespeed-ic-imsschwxcbI am laughing as I board a plane today.  When my husband purchases our airline tickets, he always chooses the exact same seats every time we travel, without fail.  I don’t have to look at my ticket when I board a plane or give it to the flight attendant.  I can tell her where my seat is located!  Dan books it the same, every trip, every airline, every time…faithfully!

So, I am currently seated in my ‘assigned seat’.  My seat belt is buckled, my carry-on luggage is stowed, and I am on my way home now from a truly amazing adventure in Africa.   Continue reading “Moonbow”

Put Your Shoes On!

img_3485Busy!  I feel like this past month has been crazy busy which led to a whole lot of hurrying around on my part.  I have hurried from one event to the next, from one store to the next and at home, I have hurried from one chore to the next.   Sometimes hurrying can get us into trouble!  As I hurried to get the dishwasher emptied the other day, mysteriously, one of those bowls that are advertised as ‘unbreakable’ came flying out of my hand and crashed to the floor!  What had been advertised as unbreakable shattered into a thousand pieces.  Of course I didn’t have any SHOES on, Continue reading “Put Your Shoes On!”

One Belt Fits ALL

img_1776Tucked away in the back corner of my closet hides a hangar and hanging from this forgotten hangar there are belts!  There are wide belts and narrow belts, black belts, brown belts and belts that are both black and brown!  There are metallic belts and multi colored belts, stretchy belts and not so stretchy belts.  There are belts that looked good in the 90’s, belts that are in style now, and everything in between!

Each belt was useful at one time.  Through the years, each belt was purchased for and matched a specific outfit.  As time went on and outfits no longer fit or worked, the clothes were given away, but somehow the hidden belts always stayed behind!    Continue reading “One Belt Fits ALL”

In the Event of a Hurricane

IMG_1565The city where the sun is always shining …that is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  People don’t go to Cabo wondering if it will rain.  It rarely rains.  Cabo is known for its climate.  While it is hot, hot, hot, the weather is also dry.  Located in the desert at the tip of the Baja, it is known for its sunny days, beautiful beaches and amazing guacamole!   Storms rarely hit Cabo San Lucas.  They just never happen…

On September 17, 2014 what ‘never happens’ became a reality.   Hurricane Odile, a category 3 hurricane, hit Cabo hard.  The center of the storm went right over Cabo leaving behind damage and destruction the city had never before known.  The airport was destroyed, roads and bridges were torn up, buildings were taken down, people’s homes were demolished.

The storm they thought would never happen had come, and it had taken them down.

Much of Cabo has been rebuilt, restored.  Only a few buildings remain under repair now two years later. New people have moved into town, men and women who did not live through the storm.  Continue reading “In the Event of a Hurricane”