In the Event of a Hurricane

IMG_1565The city where the sun is always shining …that is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  People don’t go to Cabo wondering if it will rain.  It rarely rains.  Cabo is known for its climate.  While it is hot, hot, hot, the weather is also dry.  Located in the desert at the tip of the Baja, it is known for its sunny days, beautiful beaches and amazing guacamole!   Storms rarely hit Cabo San Lucas.  They just never happen…

On September 17, 2014 what ‘never happens’ became a reality.   Hurricane Odile, a category 3 hurricane, hit Cabo hard.  The center of the storm went right over Cabo leaving behind damage and destruction the city had never before known.  The airport was destroyed, roads and bridges were torn up, buildings were taken down, people’s homes were demolished.

The storm they thought would never happen had come, and it had taken them down.

Much of Cabo has been rebuilt, restored.  Only a few buildings remain under repair now two years later. New people have moved into town, men and women who did not live through the storm.  Continue reading “In the Event of a Hurricane”


BOLDLY Suited Up

Bolld LogoBeing married to a pilot comes with a lot of travel perks.  We travel often and I spend a lot of time in airplanes.  My favorite part of being in an airplane honestly is the uninterrupted time I get to do what I want to do!  I pack an extra bag with books, notebooks and my computer and I use every flight we take to prepare.   I like to be prepared!

On a recent trip home from the Middle East, I was blessed with 13 hours to prepare!  Bible Study was coming up and I used every minute of that 13 hour plane ride to dive into what was being taught…all so I could be prepared.  When we landed at Kennedy, an unexpected phone call came.  Our home was being robbed and there was nothing we could do to stop it.  At the very same hour that I was digging into the Word of God, doing the thing He had called me to do, preparing and enjoying every minute of it, at that very same time, an attack was being planned and implemented against me.  While I was reading, praying and studying words of life, I had an enemy planning to steal and destroy.  Continue reading “BOLDLY Suited Up”

Written on the Doorframes

Cutout letters, colorful borders, and a laminating machine were some of my favorite school supplies during the years I taught fifth grade. The day after school ended each June, my mind went immediately to the next September. I was all about decorating my classroom. Each year had to top the year before!   There had to be a theme, the bulletin boards had to coordinate, basically it had to be a wow!

Every year, the headmaster of our school chose a Bible verse to be the school verse for the year.   One particular year the chosen verses were Deuteronomy 6:4-5:

Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

I love those verses!  Jesus goes on in the New Testament to say that is the first and greatest commandment. Continue reading “Written on the Doorframes”


My husband loves to count! He counts everything…how many steps he takes in a day, how many flights he takes in a year, how many people are in attendance at special events. When we are on vacation, he even counts the individual palm fronds that make up the palapa…that is seriously too much work for vacation!  Because he counts all of the time, I count nothing! I have been very content to hear his final number rather than take the time to count the things I see around me. Until now.

At the beginning of this year, I felt prompted to count how many Ladies Bible Studies we have had since the group started 6 years ago. Continue reading “Treasure”


Chosen…we all want to be chosen.

Who doesn’t remember the days of elementary gym class? I hear the word chosen and that is where my mind goes. I remember sitting on the sideline as two team captains stood in front of us. One by one, names were called. Students were chosen. The fastest, strongest students were chosen first. When they heard their name, they jumped up from their place, threw their hands up in the air and said ‘Yes!’ loud enough for everyone to hear. It was clear that being chosen felt good! On and on the choosing went until only the unchosen were left on the sideline. That was me. There was no jumping up, no hands raised, no loud response. Being last on the sideline did not get the same response as being chosen for a team!

Being unchosen goes beyond the elementary gym. Many of us can identify because in the world, only a few qualify as chosen. Continue reading “Chosen”

We are His Priority

I just returned home from a trip to the desert.   We had a great adventure on the Arabian Peninsula last week, living in a tented building under the hot desert sun. The reserve we visited is a safe place for the oryx, a desert animal that is in danger of becoming extinct. We were taken on a safari drive and while the desert was huge, finding the oryx was easy.  There was a man made watering hole in the desert and that is where the oryx would spend quite a bit of time. Finding water is a priority in the desert, so the oryx position themselves close to the water supply.

What a relationship we find between position and priority!   Continue reading “We are His Priority”

The God of Compassion

I laugh at myself sometimes. Actually, if I am completely honest, I laugh at myself a lot! The other day I was at the grocery store buying a loaf of bread and the lady at the register said, ‘I like your coat.’ I responded by thanking her. But the conversation did not stop there! I went on to tell her how much I love my new coat. It’s perfect for those in between weather days! I told her where I bought it and I told her the price I paid for it (since it was a great deal!)

For some reason, I always feel the need to do that. When someone compliments what I am wearing, there is always a story behind it, and I always feel like I need to share it!   Continue reading “The God of Compassion”